Altitude Marshall Fire Update Video

Marshall Fire Update:

Ascent was damaged by smoke and ash and is not able to be used for the next few weeks. However, it is so important that our community at Altitude is able to be together. More than ever, we want students to have a place to process, to question, to be supported, to have some fun, and to see where God is showing up.

Since we cannot be in our building we want to find big spaces where we can be together. We’re in the process of locking those in and will let you know as soon as possible. We are going to invite students to process and support each other in their small groups while also having a space to have a blast.

 Altitude will meet at Ascent every Wednesday from



*please wear a mask!*

*Latest updates will be communicated through email. Email molly@ascentcc.org to be added to the Altitude Parents email list. 

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