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Grow Together

How Do We Grow Together?

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Why Gather? 

“Connection is why we're here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering.” - Brene Brown

Why Learn?

Students of Jesus learn. Without learning we stagnate

Why Practice? 

Practice is what turns learning into action. Movement towards The Good.

Why Reflect?

Develop self awareness. What parts of me need to change?

Grow in the fruit of the Spirit; checking in on the inner life.

Reflection invites us to look at the inner life and ask the question; am I growing? 

Without reflection we become less human

Find your next step:


An invitation for YOU


I think it’s safe to say that ‘busyness’ is a shared American cultural value. Whenever the question comes up, ‘how are you doing,’ doesn’t it seem like the common response is, ‘oh I am so busy.’ as if this is a good thing? And if we’re not busy we run the risk of being perceived as a less valuable member of society. 


Our hope at Ascent is not to become busier and more productive in our spirituality. We are not interested in filling up your schedules or adding more things into your life that feel heavy or create another activity that you have to add to the list. We want to slow down, learn how to pay attention to our lives, and discover the limitless love of Jesus.


We believe that the God of the universe wants a relationship with us. And that relationship shapes and forms our relationships with others. Even with ourselves. Imagine that?


As a community of Jesus followers our shared desire is to become more like Jesus. We hold on to the conviction that all of us are being shaped and formed into some kind of human as we make daily decisions, participate and interact in relationships, and seek all kinds of healing inside of our own life stories. I call it transformation. You can call it whatever you want. Jesus doesn’t seem to care. All he ever says is the same old thing: ‘come and follow me.’ I think Jesus wants us to discover what it means to be fully human. To stop living disconnected lives and begin stepping into what He calls, ‘abundant life.’ Deeply connected to God, others, ourselves and creation.


That is our hope as a community. We simply want to follow Jesus and become more like Jesus in how we love and share life with the world around us. 


You are invited to join us on this journey,

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Jon Woolner, Pastor of Discipleship

An Invitation for You
Desired Outcomes

Our Prayer for You:

  1. Be with Jesus: Slow down your life to live at the pace in the presence of Jesus. Jesus himself called it “abiding.” Discover a life of deep intimate communion with God. Learn how to practice the presence of God in all areas of life. 

  2. Do what Jesus did: Do what he would do if he were you. Play your part. Fulfill your call. Make your contribution to the church and the world. 

  3. Become Like Jesus: Be formed in your inner being to become a person of servant like love. The end goal is to take on the inner life of Jesus himself so that the teachings of Jesus become second nature. 

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