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The Vision of Ascent Hospitality is to create a warm, welcoming, home-like space where people can be greeted and cared for as they connect and worship together. We believe the heart of Hospitality reflects God’s character, warm and personal. 


Show that God is personal

We may not know each person's name as we greet them or serve up coffee on a Sunday morning. But we recognize that each person represents a story walking through our doors. A genuine “hello” or “I’m so glad you are here” can go a long way to cultivate a welcoming environment.


Show that God is generous

Whether it is a cup of coffee, chai or a donut, it’s all on the house! We believe that “no strings attached” ultimately communicates the generosity of God! What a privilege it is to be God’s messenger (plus its a delicious way to serve)


Show that God is relational

We believe that God shows up in relationships. Did you know that others help us to learn more about ourselves and God through community? People gathering and forming friendships is one of the main reasons we gather for church every Sunday. Hospitality sets the table so that connections can be formed.


Show hospitality to our community

We come alongside our Community Impact team to create opportunities for hospitality to be brought to others through teacher meals, Christmas Shoppe, Thanksgiving baskets and other partnerships as they arise.


We have a little saying around the Ascent Cafe, “More Than Just A Donut.” It means that we serve up a little coffee & chai with donuts (of course). But more than that, we want to show how warm and personal our God is. The kind you would want to fill up your mug and sit together to catch up with.


Greeter Team

This crew meets up before Sunday services to welcome in everyone to Ascent. Its a perfect way to serve with your whole family. 

Serve weekly or monthly


Cafe Setup Team

This team meets before church to set up the café for our Sunday services. Making coffee and chai and getting the café ready for church doesn’t require any special skills. Just a friendly smile and willingness to welcome folks is all that you need. 

Serve weekly or monthly


Cafe Tear Down Team

We break down the Cafe following church on Sundays and wash up. 

Serve weekly or monthly


Community Lunch Team

Our hope is to create environments where folks can begin to find community and make connections. We want to have a monthly lunch following services to facilitate this. You can help by being a planner, a doer or a connector. 

Serve monthly


Special Events Team

It may be a Bronco tailgate, Fall Kick Off or the OOBoo7 Trick-or-Treat Walk; we need a team that wants to help with the planning and carrying out of these events. You will be a part of a team that makes these events great. 

Serve quarterly(ish)


Memorial Team

Ascent wants to continue to come alongside families during these important days. It is a team that helps run a memorial reception to help carry the burdens of the family. 

Serve as needed


Baking Team

We need a team who can bake up some goodies for Christmas Eve or Easter services, for a memorial reception, or for reaching out to our church family in need. If you are willing to be on call for this team we have a place for you.

Serve as needed

Jackie Stephens


Consider joining the Hospitality team to invite people into our space and help them feel welcome!

No experience needed! If interested, please sign up today!

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