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For the good of our city.

In the fall of 2013, we started Ascent Church with two simple goals: To help people discover the life-giving, life-changing love of Jesus, and to share that love in every way we can with our community. 


We wanted to create genuine relationships with those already doing great work through no strings attached generosity.  As relationships grew, with our schools, with our first responders, with phenomenal nonprofit organizations throughout the Front Range, we have been able to multiply their efforts. We want to continue to join forces with them to bless the socks off of our community.  

Ascent_January 2023_12.JPG

When you enter our building you'll see a big map of (most of) the Front Range. Our building is located in Louisville, but we a regional church, made up of people from across the Front Range. That's why we added - Your City is Our City.  Wherever the people of Ascent live, we want to be for the good of our city.

We hope people see Jesus through many different expressions, including inspirational messages, no strings attached generosity, and a personal and transparent approach that shows real life in Jesus - warts and all.

We want all that we do to feel accessible to anyone that comes through our doors, from those that have never been to church to those that have been hurt by the church to those that have found great joy and life from their church experience.  We welcome doubts, questions and we encourage everyone to lean into hard conversations and stay at table longer than is comfortable. We often say we don't have it all together, but we are in this together.


We will be a risk taking church, stepping out in faith to respond to all Jesus as we strive to be For the good of our city. 


Welcome! We're so glad you're here.

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