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At Altitude, we want students to experience life with Jesus through an incredible community. That’s why we build everything we do around Small Groups. 


Small Groups are made up of students in the same grade and leaders that have walked that road. Leaders offer advice and support throughout their middle school experience. 


These groups are always open to new people but remain consistent. Groups meet each week to process through what’s really going on in students’ lives. These are safe spaces for students to be themselves and share freely.


When a student comes to Altitude, the first thing we’ll do is get them connected into a Small Group. From there, everything we do is to bring Groups together to connect and experience the kind of community Jesus invites us into.


At Altitude, we’ll have some fun together, talk about what God says about our lives, and invite students to share their thoughts in their Small Groups.


Beyond Altitude, Small Groups will meet in homes, at games, coffee shops, restaurants, or wherever students are comfortable. We invite Groups to life changing experiences throughout the year all for the purpose of having students step into life to the full with God and others throughout middle school and beyond.

If you're interested in becoming an Altitude leader, feel free to contact!

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