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Jump into a Life with God Pathway

We are excited to add Life with God groups to our learning pathways at Ascent. 


This experience is designed to help you integrate your life and faith while deepening your connections to God, others, and yourself. Each group has a trained leader who will guide you through a 12 week experience.



Make the most of your time in community. Life with God delivers teaching content outside of group time — so that the entire group time is spent in discussion and interaction.

What you can expect each week

In Life with God, each study is based on Scripture, integrating interactive projects, personal reflection.


Listen as You Go. Life with God uses high quality audio podcasts to immerse you in the words of Scripture and to draw insights for daily life—no heavy reading required. Podcasts stream to any device so that you can listen on your commute or around the home.

Guided Activities with God. Participants spend longer in prayer than in any other component of Life with God. Using guided questions and activities that are new every week, you learn to treat prayer as more than intercessory: active, responsive, and creative.


We have three groups beginning this fall in various locations. Groups will be formed as people are interested so, please let us know if you are interested in starting your Life with God journey.

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