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This page will be updated weekly so check back again soon.

7.18.2024 Updates
Things in the building continue to change, although some changes are more noticeable than others. The ceilings in the Kids rooms got their final coats of paint. The bathrooms in the kids spaces got fixtures, tile, flooring and paint! A tarp dust-wall was installed so work can resume on the new entrance. Lots of saw cutting happened on the Relish side as they forge ahead in big ways. As always, you can check out pictures below!

What to expect in 2024:

We will be building out our permanent home in phases. To give you an idea of what is planned and what is included in our first phase we have a layout of where we are currently meeting in our building compared to our new layout. Ascent will be moving closer to the Post Office to both enter the building and meet. We have also included our rough floor plan and some ideas of what is coming! 


Our Building Team consists of:

Jerry Golden, John Friedery, John Goad, Leanne Duhon, Bob Bingham,

and Beth Lillstrom

Questions? Want more information? Beth would love to meet with you - please reach out to schedule a time

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