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The Vision of Ascent Production is to create an environment, free of distractions, where people are able to experience the presence of God and grow in their relationship with the Lord.


We are Unseen, but not Invisible

    We do our best to not be a distraction to anyone as they experience any services, but we are known, our role matters and we are valued. We are artists helping to create something for people.


We strive for Excellence over Perfection

    We understand that perfection is not attainable, but we do whatever we can to be excellent in everything we do. 


We do our best to Set the Table

    As we invite guests in, we want them to feel like we’ve thought of them and are prepared to have them. It is like we’ve prepared a banquet table and everything is ready. 


We Roll with the Punches

    Not everything will go according to plan, but we will do everything we can to make it the very best that we can. We will do the work to be 80% ready and flex where we need to with the last 20%. 


We Run to the Problem

    When there is a problem, we do what we can to address the problem as efficiently as possible, while also communicating with those involved.




    The ProPresenter operator makes sure that graphics and song lyrics are well placed and well timed for our screens so we are able to follow along and engage in worship, while communicating with the rest of the team. 

Camera Operators

    Camera operators serve in multiple areas on production including capturing Sunday morning services for in person viewing and our livestream. 

Audio Engineer

    Audio engineers are responsible for providing a clear, clean, and dynamic audio mix and maintain smooth transitions to ensure a non-distracting environment of worship.

The Switcher

    The Switcher provides a distraction free live video feed for the congregation, as well as leading the rest of the video team, including the Engineers and Camera Operators.

Lighting Operator

    Lighting operators provide an immersive environment for both online and physical gatherings by using lights and stage design.


Consider joining our expanding team each Sunday to create an experience for our church family.
No experience needed! 

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