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Ever feel like this whole “God thing” is a dull routine? Or, as my two boys like

to say, “booooooring…”?

Bill Stephens and I are tackling practical ways to grow and train your soul in

our “SoulTrain” series this weekend at Ascent (10am – come join us!). As we’re

prepping, it strikes me there are a few “can’t miss” ways to bore the pants off

yourself and basically end up “going through the motions” of being a Christian but

not really loving and believing in a real Christ.

So… Try these if you want to make your faith totally boring and completely


1. Don’t Ask “Why”

understanding why they are doing it. Get ready to be disillusioned in your

faith if you don’t ask, “Why?”

WHY spend time praying?

WHY read the Bible?

WHY serve? Give? Fast? Worship? WHY????

doing lots of these things while not understanding why they do them.

Without “Why?” these all lead to dull routine and rote tradition. YAWN.

2. Give Up Quickly

“I tried spending time with God but I just can’t focus.”

“I tried connecting with other people at my church but it was kinda weird.”

“I tried serving at a homeless shelter but I just can’t find time to do it again.”

money, work, hobbies), but how that doesn’t carry over to training our souls.

Nothing will bore you more in your faith than feeling like you can never

really change. Why don’t we change? Often, it’s because we bail out and give

up on things we’re trying way too soon. YAWN.

3. See Jesus as “The Limiting Factor”

the things I can do.

Lots of Christians are spending lots of time “doing” lots of stuff but not

People experienced in making their faith totally boring are excellent at

It’s amazing how hard we’ll work at certain things in our life (sports,

It’s easy (and boring) to define faith based on the things I can’t do vs.

“Well, I’m a Christian so I don’t….”

If that phrase is one that comes to mind often, we’ve moved away

from a joy-giving relationship with God with tons of possibility and limitless

creativity, into a set of rules that become “The Limiting Factor” of what I can

and can’t do with my life. Seeing Jesus as the cosmic cop that is policing your

actions is so dull I’m about to nod off writing these words. YAWN…

We’ll give you CONCRETE NEXT STEPS on soul training this Sunday, Sept. 13.

Join us at Ascent. Bill and I will be sharing together. 10am Sunday.


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