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Connecting with other people is the best way to GRow in our Relationship with god. Whether this is your very first experience or you have been in groups a long time, We encourage you to give it a shot!

Core Groups meet online and in the communities where you live and work. We believe that it is vital to live life connected with other people and that community is essential to growing in your faith and knowing Jesus more. 


You don't have to take our word for it - 

here are a few comments from current Core Group members:


"We have been immensely blessed by our group, and we all consider each other as “family."

"It's opened the door to the most meaningful connections I have at Ascent"

"Being in a couples group has strengthened our marriage greatly. It’s easier to have the hard conversations and center it on Christ while receiving encouragement from other couples."



ARE Core Groups meeting in COVID?

YES! Groups are continuing to meet no matter the current level of COVID. We believe that being known and connected to other people is MORE important now than ever.

When do Core Groups meet?

Groups meet at lots of different times.  We have groups meeting in the mornings, evenings and most times in between.


Where do Core Groups meet?

Currently groups are meeting online as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, but in a more normal time they meet...

All over the place! Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants and the like all around our region. You can probably find one near you...wherever that may be.


What do Core Groups study?

Groups study a wide variety of materials and focus on a variety of topics and those decisions are made at the group level. However, there are 3 things that you can count on being true of every group: the relationships will be real (it’s no fun if you don’t become friends!), it will help you grow spiritually, and at least 2x/year you will read a book of the Bible together.  


What if I go to a group & I don’t like it?

This is everyone’s nightmare scenario. I go to a group, it’s all cat people and I’m a dog person (or some other interpersonal difference that can’t be overcome) and now I have to move out of the state because I’m stuck in this group as long as I live within 1,000 miles. Not so fast.


While it is important to show some resolve and commitment to a group at first to find out if it really is a fit, we understand that not every group is right for every person. If you’re in that position...just stop and try a different group. Just because you get one bad haircut doesn’t mean you stop getting haircuts forever.

The same is true for Core Groups.


Can I Start My Own Group?

As a matter of can.  We have requirements of leaders and that includes going through some training, but we would love to talk with you about starting your own group. You can start that discussion by emailing


What Kind of Groups Do You Have?

Oh many kinds.  We’ve got men’s groups and women’s groups, coed groups and couples groups, age, and stage groups and intergenerational groups.  Some groups read books and some watch videos while others listen to podcasts. Some focus on parenting while others address how to follow Jesus in your career. many kinds! Our groups launch every Spring and Fall - find out more by clicking on the Join a Group button above.

Why should I avoid being in a group

& just keep doing what I’m doing?

Because having friends is the worst, your feelings and emotions are best bottled up inside to fester forever, feeling like no one really knows you makes you mysterious, and “stuck” and “stalled” are the words we all want to best describe our faith.


Seriously though, there is no good reason.  Just get in a group already!