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Joining a core group is one of THE BEST things you can do to grow closer to Jesus and build friendships.  Below is a list of current groups that are meeting and open to adding new members.  Just click on the link to email the leader to get details about their next meeting.

COED Groups

Peggy and Dennis Lewis (Saturday mornings in Broomfield)
We will strive to grow closer to Jesus and become His disciples. Every Saturday we will share a light breakfast and study scripture.
For more info email Dennis.

Women's Groups

Women & Bible (Monday Evenings)

Looking for a place where you can discuss the Bible in a book club type setting and build relationships with other women?  Whether you are new to Ascent, want to check out the Bible for the first time, or are looking for regular time in the Bible with other women but have not yet found a core group, we hope you’ll join us!

New faces are welcome any time!   For more info email Sue.

Men's Groups

James Pontiff (Wednesday Evenings in Erie)
We are a group of men from a range of age groups committed to building deep relationships with God, each other, and the community through service activities.
For more info email James.

Longmont Community Group (Wednesday Evenings in Longmont)
Join in with other folks from Longmont to build new friendships and discuss each weeks sermons together.  Email Dennis for info.

Chris Sturgeon (Wednesdays at Noon Online)
Join one of our pastors to discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday and talk about what is happening in our lives and the world around us.  We meet online and are always open to new faces.  Click here to get included.

Sue Whitnah (Wednesday Evenings)

A core group where newcomers can explore who Jesus is as well as a place where women who've walked with Jesus for years can deepen their spiritual journeys and find encouraging friendships.  Women of all ages call this group home! Our topic this fall is “Twelve Women of the Bible”.   E-mail Sue for more info.

Widows (Tuesday Evenings)
Women's group of widows meeting to discuss the sermons and grow in relationship with God and each other.  For more info email Barb.

Ben Flaim (Sunday Afternoons)
We are a group of men who want a deep relationship with Jesus first and foremost, and through that relationship we seek to love our families and communities in a way that gives God all the glory!  For more info email Ben.

Jay Keany (Saturday Mornings at Ascent)
A group of guys meeting in the morning to discuss the sermons and our lives as we seek to grow together and towards Jesus.  Email Jay for info.

Louisville Community Group (Wednesday Evenings in Louisville)
Join in with other folks from Louisville to build new friendships and discuss each weeks sermons together.  Email Gary for info.

Young Adult Women (Monday Evenings at Ascent
This group is geared to women in their 20s and 30s looking to connect with one another and develop friendships rooted in Christ. We'd love for you to join us!  Email Holly for info.

Bob Rummer (Tuesday Evenings Online)
Join us on Tuesday evenings as we explore a study on the disciples called "Twelve Ordinary Men."  Email Bob for info.

Playground Hoppers (Sunday Afternoons at Ascent)
Bring your kids with you so they can play while you enjoy some time of adult conversation around the sermon with other parents.  Email Kelly for info.

College and YA Women (Monday Mornings in Louisville)

A group of college students and recent graduates meeting in the mornings for a Bible study on endurance.  Email Katie for info.

Young Adults (Sunday Evenings at Ascent)

We are a group of post-college to roughly 35 that meet Sunday evenings to grow together socially and spiritually. Topics of discussion range from books of the Bible to Christian values to daily living and how those tie into being a young adult.   Email Taylor for info.

Polly Flaim (Thursday Evenings Online)

This Bible study will dig deep into God's Word to help women identify and overcome obstacles that are holding them back.  They will be encouraged through raw vulnerability and a healthy dose of humor.   They will be equipped through Biblical truths and challenging questions to take their next steps of resilient faith. Email Polly for info.

Young Adult Couples (Wednesday Evenings in Lafayette)

We are a group of young married couples gathering weekly to make friends and grow in our faith.  Email Nick for info. 

Sarah and Brian Boonstra (Sunday Evenings in Broomfield)

A gathering of couples of all ages to share life and grow in our faith.  Email Sarah for info.

Boulder Couples Group (Sunday afternoons online)

We're a group of couples, mostly from Boulder and surrounding towns, with kids ranging from school-aged to college. We're looking forward to growing in our faith together and building community (and snacks...sharing life together involves snacks).  Email Birdie for details.

Due to COVID-19, all weekend services have been suspended until further notice.

Click here to find out more.

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