Baptisms at Ascent

Want to get baptized? Know anyone who is interested?

Check out the details and FAQs below 




Here's how it works in this season of COVID-19:

Step 1: Email us and one of our pastors will reach out to grab some time with you and connect! 

Step 2: Schedule it! We can either come to you (using a pool, hot tub or bathtub) or have you baptized at the church in our inflatable tub. We'll work with you on your comfort level in this COVID season!

Step 3: Get baptized! 

We will be pre-filming baptisms for anyone at Ascent who wants to participate and celebrating them together online at a later date.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Ascent do baptisms?

We encourage immersion, which means getting in a warm tub, and being submerged in the water for a moment.  If there is a reason why immersion does not work, let us know! 

Can my infant be baptized?

We will baptize an infant, with the intention of the parent(s) that they are dedicating their child's life to God and want to publicly make it known to their church community. 

Due to COVID-19, all weekend services have been suspended until further notice.

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ONLINE Services at 7:45am, 9am &10:30am every Sunday
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