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Baptism Weekend

April 3rd, 2016

During our usual service at 10am on Sunday April 3rd we will be conducting a series of baptisms for anyone and everyone that would like to be recognized as a follower of Jesus.

All ages are welcome. For adults and older children we view baptism as a commitment to follow the teachings of Jesus and to live your life in honor of him. For infants, we consider baptism to be a symbolic commitment on the part of their family to raise and nurture them with the indiscriminate and unconditional love of a Christian family as well as a promise to instill the understanding that they are truly loved by Jesus and his community, the church.

In addition to baptism's personal significance, it is also a commitment on the part of the church. The church and community pledges to surround every individual with unconditional love and guidance and, in the case of infants, help their parents in any way possible to raise their child into a man or woman of God.

If you are interested in being baptised or having one of your children baptised, please email to sign up.

Brief meetings will be held after the service on March 13th and 20th to discuss specific information relevant to those being baptised.

If you are unable to attend one of these dates, please let Becky know and she will email you all the information

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