Ascent Vision Night Recap: Monday, May 20, 2019

It was an exciting night with around 250 people in attendance.


We began by looking at Isaiah 54, receiving what we believe are the marching orders God has given to Ascent.  He wants us to "clear lots of ground for your tents...use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep, you're going to need lots of elbow room for your growing family...don't hold back!"  


We shared two pieces of BIG news at Monday night’s vision meeting.  


Ascent’s staff and Board have been working hard on five year goals for the church.  These goals flow out of our vision that every person will see Jesus clearly and find life in Him.  People rarely reject Jesus – they reject the church, institutions, political systems, a grouchy pastor or parent, Christian friend who betrays them, etc.  Those rejections result in people rejecting faith too. Our job is to help let “Jesus be Jesus,” and allow people to choose Jesus (or not) apart from how we’ve been wounded.


As part of this vision, we are praying the following things happen in the next five years (Spring 2024):

  • Ascent plants one or two more churches or campuses

  • Ascent sees a HUGE number of people join “Core Groups”

  • Ascent develops relationships of generosity with 6-8 more cities (Louisville model)

  • We reach 750 College Students/Young Adults

  • 40% of our church becomes “Partners” with us in ministry

  • Very large number of people in our church equipped to share their faith (in a non-weird, caring way)


A big question for our five-year-old church has been, “Where will this all take place?”  Ascent purchased 13 acres at 96th St. in Louisville in January 2018.  Through events we did not foresee, Ascent will sell its land on 96th St. and purchase our current building and the entire property at 550 McCaslin, Louisville.


Ascent will renovate the site, integrating key elements the City of Louisville and its residents have asked for including retail/restaurants and public gathering space.


Ascent sees the following benefits:

  • Incredible location in the heart of the City. Our use will bring life to a dead area by utilizing parts of the building no one else wants and allowing sales tax generating uses as well as public gathering space.

  • Less expensive, bigger and more parking. We pay less and receive far more sq footage and property flexibility.

  • Phase-ability. We can tackle this project in phases.  It’s not an “all or nothing” situation.

  • Timing. We don’t lose time in this scenario as the interior work of our first phase only requires a building permit.


The City staff has been very receptive to this proposal and we will be working closely with other City leaders and residents to make sure the property is a place for the entire community, not just the church. Ascent is clear that it does not want to be a place that sucks tax dollars from the schools, City services, etc.  However, Ascent will continue to focus on being a church. Our plan is to partner with a developer to bring retail/restaurants to the area.


We finished the night with two thoughts:


  1. This is a big pivotal moment for the church. We hope everyone who calls Ascent their home will “re-up.”  Is this vision your heartbeat? We need a new group of pioneers to move this forward. Are you in?  You can sign up HERE

  2. THANK YOU for how so many of you have walked with Ascent and given your time, money and talents so generously.  We are grateful!