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Summit is for high school students to form true community and discover a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Summit has now concluded for the semester but we've got some plans for summer:

During June and July we will be having 1 Summer Session each month and 1 Small Group Night each month.

During Summer Sessions, we will all meet at Purple Park in Superior. This will look like small groups hanging out (10 or less people) 6ft apart all throughout the park. Though we can't all interact with each other, it's so good to even just see us all together. So small groups might get a box of gloves and a frisbee to pass to each other and spend some time connecting face-to-face or compete as a team against other small groups, all while staying safe and getting to have some fun.

While we wish we could meet weekly, we want to be extremely safe this summer and set our students up for a great fall semester at Summit.

Small Group Nights will be set up by Small Group Leaders as a time to check in and dive into what's happening in your life. Small Group Leaders will reach out with details.

We want to continue to be a place of connection and growth and processing for every student and we hope you'll engage with us!

2019 Summit Graphic.png
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Call: 303-518-8084


instagram @ascent_summit

Parent resources

We are always looking for parents who would like to help the ministry in different ways. We have plenty of opportunities for parents to be involved while also giving their children space!

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