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Jim Candy, Co-Pastor


Church Finds Permanent Home in Louisville with Promise of Community Benefit


Louisville, Colo. – May 22, 2019 – Ascent Community Church recently signed a contract to purchase the old Sam’s Club building at 550 S. McCaslin Blvd. in Louisville.  The Church has been renting the space for the past five years, in anticipation of building a new church in a different location.  However, Ascent leaders felt they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to keep the church in its current centralized location.  


The church will renovate the building, only taking up a part of the giant 125,000+ sq. ft. space. The exciting part of this purchase for the larger community, is the prospect of bringing retail opportunities back into the area.  “The building essentially sat empty for nearly ten years,” said Co-Pastor Jim Candy.  “The parts of the building no one else wants are perfect for our church, and it allows us to bring vibrant retail uses to the desirable parts of the property.” Church leaders will continue to work with the City to ensure the plan aligns with Louisville’s mission, vision and values for the McCaslin corridor. 


Candy says Ascent Community Church will continue to focus its efforts on being a church.  They are looking to partner with a developer to bring a much-desired retail concept to the area. Candy adds, “Many churches across the country are trying to use their properties to enhance their communities’ revenue opportunities.  This purchase and partnership will help ensure the redevelopment facilitates added sales tax collection into the City, supports our schools, and addresses other needs of the community.” In addition, Ascent Community Church will sell its land on 96th Street, originally purchased to build a new church.


Ascent Community Church is a 5-year old church with just over 1,000 in attendance each weekend.  “We are all about relationships at Ascent,” said Co-Pastor Bill Stephens.  “We want people to know Jesus, to know each other as neighbors and friends, and to know the community as a whole so we can respond to its needs.  Our building has the potential to contribute to those efforts.”