Why tickets:

In order to keep with health regulation of the city, and make sure everyone is safe, all cars will be parked 9ft away from each other during the showing.

This means that we can have a maximum of 200 cars per viewing, which is why we need a ticket system.

Your ticket reserves you one of the spots during a showing

How much is a ticket:

Admission to Parcel O Cinema is free. However, we are suggesting a donation of $10 per person when you reserve your tickets. We are suggesting this in order to cover the costs of the equipment, licensing fees, and workers that are making this all possible.

If we charged admission, we'd actually have to pay more in fees that if we suggest free-will donations. We hope you will partner with us and help us keep this cinema going. Every penny you give goes to recouping the costs and when we break even, every penny will be go into relief and support of our community

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