Go Local team

Ascent believes God wants us to surprise the community with crazy generosity.

We hope our vision of generosity makes people ask ”Why?”


Join our Go Local team and surprise the schools, the city, and your neighbor with generosity.

Surprise the Schools

Join us to surprise the schools, click below and choose Surprise the Schools.


Commitment:  Once a semester

Good for: Individuals, small groups, families


We want to help provide meals for teachers at schools in your area during parent/teacher conferences. Information on dates and locations will follow.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Commitment: Once a year

Good for: Individuals, small groups, families


Principals expressed a hope to provide the makings for Thanksgiving dinners for families who can't afford it. Volunteers will provide food and put together baskets for those families


Commitment: High

Good for: Individuals


Ascent is the home church to over 200 college students. We need a team of people dedicated to reaching the needs of those students. 


Surprise the City

Join us to surprise the city click below and choose Surprise the City


Commitment: One time (fall and spring opportunity)

Good for: Individuals, groups, families


We will join the Louisville Police Department and Chief Hayes, as well as The Refuge in Broomfield, in serving local residents who need light homeowner improvements.


Commitment:  One time

Good for: Individuals, small groups, families


We want to adopt businesses that are located in Ascent's backyard. We will bake cookies, provide gift cards, or anything you have in mind to bless those who work there. 


Commitment: One time

Good for: Individuals, small groups, families


Ascent partners with the Louisville Police Department in providing gifts for families in need in the community. The drive has grown bigger and bigger each year, and this year we will be stocking and staffing a Christmas Shoppe!  Gifts are needed for boys and girls of all ages. We also need volunteers to help staff the store, as well as provide baked goods. 

Surprise your neighbor

Join us to surprise your neighbor, click below and choose Surprise Your Neighbor.


Commitment: Flexible, as many times as you'd like.

Good for: Individuals, small groups


We want to raise up an army of people who are ready to help with minor homeowner improvements for single parents, widows and widowers, the elderly, and anyone else in the community who needs a helping hand.

Snow Covered Car

Commitment:  Whenever it snows

Good for: Individuals, small groups


Ascent will have a fleet of snow-blowers. Whenever it snows, you can use the blowers to plow the sidewalks of the entire neighborhood.

*Truck needed to transport equipment.

Bowl of Spaghetti

Commitment:  As needs arise

Good for: Individuals, small groups

Help care for people at Ascent by providing meals for them.  Take care of a practical need for people by cooking a meal or delivering take-out!  Team members are notified as needs arise.