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Join a core group today

Joining a core group is one of THE BEST things you can do to grow closer to Jesus and build friendships.  Below is a list of current groups that are meeting and open to adding new members.  Just click on the link to email the leader to get details about their next meeting.


Want help getting placed in a group! We are here for you!


Men's Group


We are a group of men who want a deep relationship with Jesus first and foremost, and through that relationship we seek to love our families and communities in a way that gives God all the glory! 

Email Ben for more info.

Young Adults

(Evenings at Ascent)

We are a group of post-college to roughly 35 that meet Sunday evenings to grow together socially and spiritually. Topics of discussion range from books of the Bible to Christian values to daily living and how those tie into being a young adult.   

Email Taylor for info.


Collective Women

(Mornings in Louisville)

A group of college students and recent graduates meeting in the mornings for a Bible study on endurance. 

Email Katie for details.

Young Adult Women

(Evenings at Ascent)

This group is geared to women in their 20s and 30s looking to connect with one another and develop friendships rooted in Christ. We'd love for you to join us! 

Email Holly for details.


Men's Group

(Evenings Online)

Join us on Tuesday evenings as we explore a study on the disciples called "Twelve Ordinary Men." 

Email Bob for details.


Mixed-Gender Group

(Noon Online)

Join one of our pastors to discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday and talk about what is happening in our lives and the world around us.  We meet online and are always open to new faces. 

Click here for details.

Mixed-Gender Group

(Evenings in Longmont)

Join in with other folks from Longmont to build new friendships and discuss each weeks sermons together. 

Email Dennis for details.

Womens Group

(Evenings in Louisville/Superior)

Join in with other women of all ages in  Louisville/Superior for a book study and community

Email Katie for details.


Women's Group

(Evenings Online)

This Bible study will dig deep into God's Word to help women identify and overcome obstacles that are holding them back.  They will be encouraged through raw vulnerability and a healthy dose of humor.  They will be equipped through Biblical truths and challenging questions to take their next steps of resilient faith.

Email Polly for details.

Men's Group

(Evenings in Erie)

We are a group of men from a range of age groups committed to building deep relationships with God, each other, and the community through service activities.
Email James for details.


Men's Group

(Mornings at Ascent)

A group of guys meeting in the morning to discuss the sermons and our lives as we seek to grow together and towards Jesus.  Email Jay for details.

We will strive to grow closer to Jesus and become His disciples. Every Saturday we will share a light breakfast and study scripture.

Email Dennis for details.


(Mornings in Online/Broomfield)