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Building uPDATE

MARCH 17, 2021

Hi Ascent,

Thank you so much for praying for the meeting last night.

The results are in! 

Beth Lillstrom, our Executive Pastor as the update below:

So grateful for your prayers - keep praying!

Thanks Ascent!

Bill Stephens

Lead Pastor

- March 15th Building Update -

Hi Ascent!

There is a lot going on with our renovation of 550 S McCaslin - more planning, working with neighbors, the City, etc. - but really this update is focused on asking you for one specific thing that dramatically affects the next stages of renovations:

PRAY! The sale of our 96th Street property is so close... 

We have come to you to pray regarding many meetings with City Council over the past few years. I know that some of you might be growing weary, "wait, another City Council meeting???" Believe me, we have prayed as well that the finish line would come soon on selling the 96th Street property and releasing the funds to our 550 McCaslin property.

Tomorrow night, March 16th, the sale of our 96th Street property will go before the Louisville City Council. If it passes Council, Ascent will receive the proceeds of the sale within 15 business days. Obviously, those dollars are crucial to our ability to start construction at 550 McCaslin.

We feel very positive about our chances as we have received support from Planning Commission and City Staff over the last month. 

So... if you would, please PRAY! The finish is within reach. We are around the final bend, we are close!

There is still time to help in other ways too. Please email if you are a Louisville resident. We could really use your help in pushing this to the finish. 

We can't wait to share more on the renovation of the old Sam's Club (our current location). While waiting for the sale of 96th Street, we have been meeting with architects, general contractors, our lender and designers - the groundwork needed to take next steps on our building. So much to share in the coming months! But we have to get over this hurdle first. So now that you are done reading this update, throw up a 30 second prayer, let's get this done!

Thanks Ascent Family!


Bill Stephens
Lead Pastor