Welcome to Ascent University!

Ascent U is not an actual university, but we are on a mission to help you find your co-travelers in life and get you moving forward. We offer classes keeping in mind that every person is on a spiritual journey in some shape or another. 

To get everyone at Ascent connected to “their people” and moving forward on their spiritual journey.

Our Mission

We have 5 tracks within Ascent U.,

each aiming to develop a different aspect of the life of faith.  They are:

The Bible

Turns out...its really good.


Learn how all the parts fit together to find a fuller understanding of Jesus and faith.


Get to know yourself better to better understand Jesus.

Spiritual Practice

Learn all about growing and deepening a relationship with Jesus.

Practical Living

Move from learning in your head to living out in your life.



But please contact below for questions!