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base camp

Summer 2020

Summer nights at Purple Park

Base Camp is for any 6th, 7th or 8th graders that want to connect and have a blast during the summer! The goal is to give students a place to get together and get a taste of what Altitude is like.


Due to the ever-changing policies and safety regulations of COVID-19, Base Camp looks a little different this year.

We're going to have Base Camp once per month at Purple Park while maintaining social distancing. This will look like small groups hanging out (10 or less people) 6ft apart all throughout the park. Though we can't all interact with each other, it's so good to even just see us all together. So small groups might get a box of gloves and a frisbee to pass to each other and spend some time connecting face-to-face or compete as a team against other small groups, all while staying safe and getting to have some fun.

While we wish we could meet weekly, we want to be extremely safe this summer and set our students up for a great fall semester at Altitude.

Small Groups will also be meeting independently throughout the summer based on what works for the group. Be looking for emails from leaders reaching out with ideas.

We're going to make this a summer to remember!


Base Camp will meet June 17th and

july 22nd at 7 pm - 8 pm at Purple Park​

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