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Want to get involved?

Invest in Students

One of the very best ways you can be involved is by becoming a leader of a group of students.

This is considered the highest level of volunteerism in our church. This is our biggest and most important need for volunteers.

The #1 goal is to build relationships with the students in your group, facilitate conversation, and do life together.

Commitment: we ask you to walk through a season of Middle School with your small group & attend 2-weekend experiences each year.


Invest in Student Ministry


There is so much that happens during the week to make our student environments happen and we'd love for you to see it and be involved. Become part of our Hospitably Team and get a front-row seat to all the action without having to be directly involved.


This team welcomes students in, helps check them in, runs the snacks and merchandise tables and is a friendly face to any new students and parents


Commitment: Once a month for 30 minutes unless you choose to stay the whole time!

Invest in leaders

Our ministry doesn't happen without the incredible leaders that make our ministry what it is. We want our team to feel the same love and care that they pour into our students every week!

There are 2 great ways to support our team:

1.) Give to our Leaders: We have over 40 leaders that we encourage to invest tons of hours into your kids. A financial gift to Student Ministry can be to fund leaders getting your kids together for fun outings or can be a way to show appreciation to the team by contributing to team dinners that happen after Wednesday nights. 

2.) Adopt a Leader: Get to know your student's leader and see how you can encourage them and care for them as they invest in your kids!

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Invest in Leaders
Invest in Altitude
Invest in Student
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