Connect with Adults At AScent

Everyone has a place at Ascent. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to figure out your next step to grow and find your people here. The groups below include adults ages high school to Vintage. We have a few specialty groups that are life stage-specific on our Specialty Group page.  

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The Gathering

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The A Team

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Ascent men's group

we all look for different things when finding our place and our people.

we’ve created 4 entry points for you to jump into a deeper connection at Ascent.




The Gathering is a place for women high school to vintage to gather together once a month where you will find community and belonging. We long to create a space where all women, no matter your life stage, can lay down the competitive spirit we often find ourselves trapped in and be a place where we cheer one another on as we ultimately strive to learn more about Jesus and his desire for our lives. 


Are you in need of childcare? 

Please email us for more information!

The Gathering meets Dec. 2 at  7pm Ascent Cafe

Gather with us as we worship, learn, laugh, and share our stories.



The A-Team is what we call people who serve at Ascent at any level. Serving at Ascent is one of the best ways to make a tangible difference, get involved, and find friends that share your passion. Fill out this super short form to let us know where you may be interested in plugging in. Or check out the A-team page for more info.




men's group

Ascent Men’s Group is a place for all men to have real friendships and personal growth.  We meet monthly all together and in smaller groups throughout the month to have fun, uncover our calling and find people who are experiencing what we are experiencing in life.  




Our next event is

Sun., Mar. 8, 

5:00p - 7:00p

Please email Chris for more information