Summit nights

Summit looks different this year just like everything, but is definitely still happening and here for you to find your home.

Beginning September 15th, Summit will meet at Ascent every other week. While we’re excited to be together, safety is our #1 concern.


Here’s what it’ll mean to join us on a Tuesday:


1. You MUST have a mask and wear it at ALL TIMES

2. We need you to let us know your coming so we can keep a seat for you.

Click here to grab a spot

3. When you arrive, don’t clump up outside. Please be 6ft apart on the marked areas and follow our procedures to keep you and everyone else safe


Important things to know:

1. Summit will last for 1.5 hours: 7-8:30pm

2. We will not have bathrooms open (unless for an emergency)

3. We are meeting every other week to allow a full quarantine

period between any gathering we do


What will Summit be like?

When you arrive, you’ll be led to your seat in our auditorium. While you’ll remain in your seat, we’ll have some socially distanced group fun, we will worship and we’ll hear a message about God and what He’s up to in our lives. 

After that, you will be dismissed individually to your Small Group room to spend time with your Small Group and your leaders talking about life and connecting. 

Masks are REQUIRED at all times at Summit including with your small group. 


What about the other weeks?

On the weeks that Summit is not meeting at Ascent, Small Groups will be invited to connect together. This will vary from group to group and may look like a socially distanced meet up in Ascent’s parking lot or a park. If a family wants to host, Small groups may meet in a driveway or backyard. Small groups may also meet virtually. Small Group leaders will communicate group plans with each group.


What if I can’t make it to Summit or don’t feel comfortable

being in-person?

We absolutely understand that people are in different situations and may not be able to participate like others can. 

All of the topics and talks we give at Summit will be offered online for you to catch up on or jump in with. Small Group leaders will also be leading virtual connections for groups where there are students that cannot meet in person on the weeks when Summit does not meet at Ascent.



Please reach out to with any questions or concerns. We want to guarantee that your engagement with Summit puts you in no risk of COVID and we want you to feel that confident too. Feel free to reach out any time!


contact us

Call: 303-518-8084


Instagram @ascent_summit

Due to COVID-19, all weekend services have been suspended until further notice.

Click here to find out more.

ONLINE Services at 7:45am, 9am &10:30am every Sunday
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